Ben Furman: Lösungsfokussierte Gesprächsführung Live – The Art of Asking Good Questions MASTER SERIES

Start: 22. Februar 2022


2 days


Di–Mi 22.–23. Februar 2022


Basel – Präsenz IN ENGLISH


Beginn 9 Uhr, Ende 17 Uhr


CHF 780.–


Lösungsfokussierung, Leadership, Coaching, Teamentwicklung, Mediation, Selbstmanagement

Solution Focus as an Art

The Virtuoso and Wizard of Solution Focusing at Work

Ben Furman is perhaps the most creative and humorous pioneer and developer of solution-focused conversation. The psychiatrist and psychotherapist founded the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute together with Tapani Ahola in 1986. Ben and Tapani have developed many innovative programmes for therapy, coaching, team development, leadership, school and education, all entirely based on solution-focused practice.

In this Master Series Seminar, Ben Furman will show live conversations with clients. The conversations will take place in English (without translation). Exchanges and discussions will take place in the language that suits best (language mode: Jaqun parle sa langue).The seminar is part of the MASTER SERIES of the Istituto.


What is it about?

Ben Furman says of himself that he has always been a "collector of questions, like a magician, with a big chest full of good tricks." Others say he is a "wrapping master" who wrapps good ideas so that they are easily adopted, learned and applied. 

In this seminar Ben Furman will let us have a look into his "treasure chest of questions" and give us the opportunity to experience the "wrapping master" live. He will conduct conversations with clients and explore with the participants what was helpful for the client and what was helpful for yourself in your practice. The seminar has an experimental research character.

For Ben, solution-focused conversation is the art of asking good questions. By this he means questions that somehow help to develop an idea of what the client herself can do to solve her problems or achieve her goals. "There are questions that make you heavy and pessimistic and there are questions that make you optimistic and more cooperative with other people. So questions are something very interesting," Ben says. "I think everyone has good questions already. I like to ask people, what questions do you have?" 

"When you ask questions like that you can witness people become a little bit more energetic, more powerful, richer in ideas and more confident in themselves. I think that's what it's all about." 

"When I ask good questions, they start to change their mindset. Our job is to get them to be creative again." 

Interview with Ben Furman at the EBTA Conference in Sofia 2018 on YouTube.


What's the return?

You experience how a master leads solution-focused conversations. You expand your listening skills and your repertoire of good questions. You become more elegant and effective in your conversations, be it with individuals, couples, families, teams or groups. And you enjoy yourself and - perhaps - start to change your mindset in certain aspects of your work or life.

Target Group

Who is it for?

A must for everyone who works with solution-focus or is thinking about integrating solution-focus into their work - as a therapist, coach, mediator, counsellor, leader, teacher and educator - or as a journalist, salesperson, director, parent or ...


How does it work?

This seminar will focus on demonstrations by Ben. He will lead conversations with clients. Participants can bring their concerns as clients and participate as a reflecting team. Ben will comment and explain his approach. The programme will be largely shaped by the participants, depending on their interests. Participants are invited to bring their own issues and concerns.

It can be about solution-focused conversations with children and young people (one of Ben's favourite areas), or solution-focused conversations in the context of team development or of cooperation and satisfaction at work. It can be about a better relationship with oneself and others, or about issues of education, leadership and organisational development. All concerns are welcome.


Ben Furman is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and co-founder of the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute and is considered an internationally recognised expert in solution-focused therapy, coaching and organisational development. His book "It's never too late to have a happy childhood" is one of the 100 masterpieces of psychotherapy. Ben has developed several solution-focused counselling practices, including solution-focused parenting in his Kids' Skills programme, solution-focused team development with his re-teaming programme, solution-focused leadership and self-leadership, and solution-focused coaching and counselling.

Personal website of Ben Furman